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andacod is a community of teachers, professionals and businesses with one clear mission, to help prompt all that Design & Technologies can offer students and society. As a community, we want everyone to communicate and share their experiences. We are stronger together than divided.

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with a Design & Technology Coach, Pair up with a Designer or Industry Specialist through our Business Directory. andacod provides a communal hub with design at its centre.
A comprehensive library of Design & Technology books to help plan lessons, learn skills, communicate the history of design and explain the interdisciplinary links with the other learning areas. All books are reviewed by Design & Technology Teachers for Design and Technology Teachers so you know you're getting a valued opinion.
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Join a growing digital community of teachers who share time-saving and innovative ideas and resources, discuss local and global trends in D&T, and are committed to improving the value of well-rounded curriculum.
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Incorporate ready made content for the Canvas LMS including videos into your Design and Technology curriculum.
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Learn the finer points about tools, plant and equipment. We cover their correct and alternative names, trade background, risk, cost, and general operating procedure.
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The who's who of suppliers for Design and Technology plant, equipment, consumables, services, and teacher associations. There's no need to wasting time finding a supplier for what you need, we've done the hard work for you.
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Join a growing digital community of teachers who share time-saving and innovative ideas and resources.
Yep, we offer your special deals and discounts from a range of traders include art and design retailers, safety equipment, and personal protective equipment. All because we want to thank you for being an inspirational teacher of Design and Technology skills and knowledge.

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