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Phase Four: Panel

Writing assessments is never an easy task. Attempting the process alone, highlights the complexity and frustrating nature of the process. Reviewing and critiquing tests and rubrics collaboratively is far more effective and ultimately a more efficient approach.

Panelling is a process through which an assessment is reviewed by a group of colleagues who have expertise in the area being evaluated. Once the items have been drafted, they should be panelled.

When panelling assessment items, the following information should be provided with the assessment:

  • The author identity and an item number
  • The draft item
  • The scoring rules, which would be the nominated correct answer or alternatives for objective items and scoring rubrics for judgement-based items.
  • The cognitive skill required to supply the correct answer
  • Sufficient information about the level, topic and so on to determine how the item fits into the test blueprint
  • Acknowledgement of source materials obtained from the public domain
  • Copyright earnings or author’s permission to use sources

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