Compendium of Design

Legal Stuff
Fine print worth knowing

The andacod forum is a space for you to ask questions, exchange best practices, get feedback, and share resources. For help with your andacod account, please contact us.

1. Lead with kindness

The andacod Forum is a space for all andacod users (students, teachers and professionals) to contribute ideas and get support from the community. No conversation should include hateful messages targeted at a person or group based on their race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or learning proficiency.

To keep conversations productive and supportive:

  • Ask clarifying questions
  • Request more information you need to provide a complete recommendation
  • Focus on actions, steps, and processes
  • Refer to informative pages on this website
  • Lead with a helpful and encouraging mindset
  • Do not @ mention users who are not actively participating in the conversation or the forum
  • Remember, we’re all students of design no matter what stage our careers are at - so be kind

Moderators reserve the right to close posts and suspend users at any time if these guidelines aren't followed. Please help us keep the andacod Forum a productive and positive space by reporting any posts that violate these rules.

2. Stay on topic

The primary goal of this forum is to encourage users and provide you with content that’s educational, inspirational, and relevant. We reserve the right to remove off-topic comments or sub-conversations, edit a post’s title or content, or move a post to a more relevant category in the forum.

To keep conversations streamlined and productive:

  • Search the forum for related posts before creating a new post
  • Start posts in the proper category
  • Post the question only once
  • Let the topic resolve and finish
  • Start a new post when a different topic arises or the topic changes from the original post title

When starting a post, provide clarity and context by including key information such as:

  • A detailed description of the question or problem
  • An example of work
  • A sketch or photo
  • Your desired outcome

3. Write with distinction

Spend some time thinking about what you want to ask. Always write in full sentences using simple clauses. No without swearing or slang. When using abbreviations and acronyms provide the full term followed by the abbreviation or acronym in (parenthesis).

4. Always be mindful of your posts

Before you participate in threads in this forum, please be aware that it is a publicly available forum open to non-members of Andcod, and it can be used by others including young students. What you write on the forum can reflect on your character, school or professional practice.

If you choose to participate in a thread in this forum you don’t want to later regret your participation. Andacod is under no obligation to remove post(s).

5. Always cite your sources, and don't plagiarise

If you reference any resources from the forum in other places, such as your own materials, ask the original poster, cite your sources, and give credit where it’s due. Repeated complaints may result in the removal of your forum profile and/or deletion of your andacod account. For more information about reporting copyright violations, visit our Copyright Policy

6. Supported languages

The andacod Forum is supported in English only. We may remove posts or comments written in other languages.

6. Bug reports & feature requests

Andacod doesn’t track feature requests or bug reports in this forum. If you’re having an issue with the andacod site and believe it may be a bug, or if you have an idea for a feature or improvement on the site, please contact us.

8. Profile Guidelines

Registering and creating an andacod profile is a great way to communicate a bit about yourself and your achievements. However, to minimize distractions from the community discussions, we ask that your profile follows these guidelines:

  • Maximum of three (4) lines of text
  • Maximum of two (2) text colors
  • Use Gravatar to create your avatar

9. Terms of participation

By participating in this Forum, you agree to adhere to its guidelines and andacod’s Terms and Conditions. Failure to do so may result in post removal. Severe abuse of the forum may result in harsher penalties such as limited posting permissions or indefinite suspension from the forum. We reserve the right to enforce these guidelines at our sole discretion.