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Find the business to help procure your next item of plant, equipment or professional learning.

The Business Directory

The Business Directory is a listing resource for all those involved in the design process. For schools, teachers and students, is it a resource for finding businesses that can supply design consumables, products, and machinery, learning resources and safety services. For businesses, it provides a direct opportunity to connect with the target audience.

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Why advertise on

There are a number of great reasons for listing your business with Firstly, you have direct access to students and teachers of design and technologies. 

Teachers are always short on time. Their purchasing trends are directly related to the ease of finding local businesses that will look after their school and deliver the best quality tools, equipment and services. They also network and share their experiences at conferences and workshops. Look after teachers and your business is  guaranteed to get additional sales via word of mouth.

Although not a direct market, students are impressionable by the brands and products they use. Once in the workforce, students will always go with what they know. 

Advertising here can also build your web-based branding and search engine ranking. Building a range of listings on business directories gives you the potential to rank higher in search engines like Google as your site’s url appears on more websites.

Any which way you look at, it’s a win win situation.


What Information do I need to list my business?

Our directory submission involves entering some basic information about your business. It’s best to be prepared with the following information:

  • Business name or title
  • Physical or postal address
  • website address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Business number (ABN/VAT/TAX etc.)
  • Social media links
  • Into description
  • Extended description
  • Main logo or business image
  • 3-5 business related images

Having this data on hand to copy information will make the process much faster.


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