Compendium of Design

A Body of Knowledge
Learn from those who designed before you.

The Skill of Drawing

The ability to draw is the most critical skill a Visual Communication & Design student must possess if they are to design any product, space or visual communication. Without the ability to draw, the picture within a designer's mind cannot be visually explored, developed and refined or communicated to a client. Ironically, the method of design drawing is perhaps the hardest of all skills to master as it takes time, persistence and practice. Perhaps ironically, it is a skill that requires the student to start slowly and precisely, retraining the brain to visualise the mind's image and then control the hand to draw with accuracy and intent. When and only when control has been mastered the student can then adopt a quicker and intuitive sketching style to express their ideas. Once you become confident with a range of design drawing styles the process of designing has the potential to become a fluid and enjoyable experience.

Drawing Styles

The method of Design Drawing is specifically used by designers to explore, develop and refine their ideas. Although not without conventions, design drawing is a more formal style than that used in Art but less restrictive style than that used in Drafting or Instrumental Drawing. Naturally, students often find it difficult to distinguish between the first two drawing styles, Design Drawing and Artistic Drawing, particularly when studying both Visual Communication & Design and Art or Studio Arts. The following definitions may help you distinguish the three drawing styles.

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