Compendium of Design

A Body of Knowledge
Learn from those who designed before you.

The Compendium is a companion for study of Design & Technology and Visual Communication Design. As such, it is not a series of webpages that are intended to be read from its top menu to the bottom - rather, it is intended to be used as needed. Why? Because design is dynamic by nature - driven only by your imagination, and where each decision made during the design process launches you off to in any direction.

How Can the Compendium Help Me?

Throughout the pages of this site you will find that the Compendium of Design is a companion: a guide to assist you, the learning designer, to learn, develop, gain understanding and eventually master the skills and knowledge required for completion of your projects, assignments, production of objects and visual communications of design.

Where Do I Start? How Do I Find Information?

Finding information within the Compendium couldn't be easier. The Compendium's navigation menu (to the right on a desktop or tablet, and above if viewing on a smaller device) provides you with the main topics the site covers. If you'd like to find a particular topic faster, then simply use the 'Search' function in the site's header bar.