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UBS Arena Unveils Ambitious Sustainability Agenda in Celebration of Second Anniversary

UBS Arena Unveils Ambitious Sustainability Agenda in Celebration of Second Anniversary

Home to the New York Islanders, UBS Arena is happily celebrating its second anniversary, and with the celebration comes the announcement of a new, formal sustainability agenda. This sustainability agenda will look to advance the venue’s commitment to environmental impact and its surrounding community.

The agenda, aptly named “Sustainable Brillance & Community Resilience,” was established with the aim of offering an innovative and forward-looking framework for UBS Arena’s sustainability initiatives. The core of the message of the agenda encapsulates the area’s vision: “Rooted in community and environmental impact, our beautiful home in an inspiring example of how values become actions.”

"Our organization's commitments are deeply rooted in making a difference," said Kim Stone, President of UBS Arena. "This bold sustainability framework gives us an even greater opportunity to make further strides in those promises. It's important that we don't just talk about these values, but how we are committed to actions."

"After setting and achieving many sustainability goals in just two years of operations, UBS Arena's future focus will not only deepen operational efforts but will also drive positive impact outside of the walls of their Arena," said Kristen Fulmer, Head of Sustainability for Oak View Group. "Together, we crafted goals that were focused on the needs of today while addressing the need for adaptation in the changing climate."

UBS Arena’s sustainability agenda stands on three core pillars, which are the keys to reaching the venue’s set goals.

The first pillar, "Nourishing Our Neighborhood," UBS Arena recognizes its pivotal role in supporting the local community, particularly during times of crisis. With Long Island facing climate risks such as increased storms and flooding, the venue is actively developing a community resilience plan, with a targeted completion date by 2030. The plan includes energy storage solutions for emergency situations, aiming to fortify the community against unforeseen challenges.

ubs arena pillars 1540.jpg

Next, the second pillar, "Protecting Our Planet," outlines UBS Arena's commitment to sustainable building operations and reducing its environmental footprint. Noteworthy goals include maintaining carbon neutrality of Scope 1 & 2 emissions, reducing Scope 3 emissions by 25% by 2030, and achieving zero waste by the end of 2023. The venue also plans to install 6MW (DC) of on-site renewable energy by the end of 2024 and participate in biodiversity initiatives on Long Island by 2025.

The third pillar, "Inspiring Our Industry," showcases UBS Arena's leadership in setting sustainability standards for the broader business community. The venue aims to donate at least $100,000 to action-oriented organizations by 2025, host 15 impact-focused events and content by the end of 2025, and activate at least $1 million in sponsorship dollars from brands with sustainability solutions and community impact by 2024.

UBS Arena intends to leverage its stage to inspire industry-wide change, starting with hosting a sustainability forum in 2024 in collaboration with Oak View Group. This forum will bring together experts, officials, and representatives from various sectors to discuss topics such as transportation, renewable energy, zero waste, and local biodiversity.

"As a longtime resident of this area and a father of two young children, I am committed to doing all I can to protect the environment for future generations. By applying LEED principles and embracing best practices in its operations, UBS Arena has become a model for the transit-oriented, sustainable entertainment venues of the future," said Legislator Carrie Solages. "I look forward to continuing my office's work to deliver a state-of-the-art community center and other essential community resources for the benefit of the residents of Elmont and all who neighbor UBS Arena."

"Setting and meeting sustainability goals is an extremely important exercise for facilities like UBS Arena," said Hempstead Town Supervisor Don Clavin. "The impressive objectives outlined in this plan will improve the quality of life for residents who not only live around the arena but also in other surrounding communities. From zero waste goals to lowering carbon emissions and working with brands focused on environmental solutions, we are proud to have a world-class, sustainable entertainment venue right here in the Town of Hempstead, and encourage businesses across the town to follow suit."

Sports venues draw large crowds, produce a lot of waste for each event, and are the focal point for a lot of communities. An actionable sustainability plan is a must. As UBS Arena embarks on this ambitious sustainability journey, it stands as a beacon of inspiration for the waste industry, setting new standards for environmental responsibility and community engagement.

Original author: Gage Edwards
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