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The OE1 Workspace Collection Now Powers the Office Environment

Originally launched in 2021, the OE1 Workspace Collection designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility for Herman Miller gave contract customers the ability to change and adapt their work environment based on changing business goals and personal preferences. The collection consisted of mobile tables, movable walls, height-adjustable workstations, storage trolleys, and more. Hecht and Colin have now expanded the collection, so not only can they outfit the modern office, they can power it too.

modern office furniture

modern office furnitures

modern office furnitures

The OE1 Powerbox and the accompanying OE1 Power Tray create Herman Miller’s first portable power solution. Users can work from anywhere without worrying about being close to an available wall outlet or making sure their devices have been powered up beforehand. With three USB-C ports and a USB-A port, the OE1 Powerbox can charge multiple smaller devices or, with the OE1 Power Tray, power larger devices, including monitors.  A tracking device holder helps with facility management.

modern office furnitures

modern office furnitures

Also new to the collection is the OE1 Sit-to-Stand Table, a monochromatic, height-adjustable desk that looks and feels like it can belong in the home versus the office. Available in three shapes – round, rectangular, and rectangular with wrap – the desk features a discreet power foot pedal that allows users to adjust the height to their preferences.

The full expanded collection of the OE1 Workplace includes: the Freestanding Curtain and the Curved Screens to define boundaries, the Personal Hoodie to provide small space privacy, the Workbox to corral small desk objects, the Agile Wall Corner Cover to define worktop spaces for collaboration, and the Mobile Easel in a 48” size.

modern office furniture

modern office furniture

black portable batteries

OE1 Powerbox and Power Tray

black portable battery charger cover

OE1 Powerbox

teal caddy filled with office supplies

OE1 Workbox

three height adjustable desks

OE1 Sit-to-Stand Tables

grey height adjustable desk

OE1 Sit-to-Stand Table

office desk with monitor mounted above

To learn more about the OE1 Workspace Collection, visit

Original author: Vy Yang
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