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ZuluTrade Review – Helping You Replicate the Trades of Top Leaders

Are you looking to copy the trades of the top leaders in the market? Then, I would suggest that you check out the ZuluTrade copy trading platform. Having the right copy trading platform by your side would allow you to connect with like-minded leaders. You can learn about their trading strategies and replicate them to enjoy long-term growth. And that is not the only thing that you can get from this robust platform.

There are various other features that you can enjoy from this robust copy trading platform. It would ensure that you can enjoy a streamlined experience. Let’s learn more about the top features that make the ZuluTrade copy trading platform an optimal choice for investors.

Variety of Tools and Features to Make the Right Decisions 

The first thing that I liked about this robust copy trading platform is that it provides you with a variety of tools and features. They play a major role in helping you make the most out of your trading experiences. You can use these metrics and features from the platform to make well-informed decisions.

As a result, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics. It eliminates the speculation game where you make trades just because the price of a particular asset is increasing. You can take advantage of the profit calculator, currency converter, and other tools available.

Build a Diversified Portfolio with a Wide Range of Instruments 

Having a diversified portfolio is vital since online assets are highly volatile. So, if you invest all your resources in a particular asset, there is a chance that it can lead to huge losses if the value falls. Therefore, you should check out other assets and instruments to include them in your portfolio. With the ZuluTrade copy trade platform, you can access a wide range of instruments.

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Originally launched in 2021, the OE1 Workspace Collection designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of Industrial Facility for Herman Miller gave contract customers the ability to change and adapt their work environment based on changing business goals and personal preferences. The collection consisted of mobile tables, movable walls, height-adjustable workstations, storage trolleys, and more. Hecht and Colin have now expanded the collection, so not only can they outfit the modern office, they can power it too.

The OE1 Powerbox and the accompanying OE1 Power Tray create Herman Miller’s first portable power solution. Users can work from anywhere without worrying about being close to an available wall outlet or making sure their devices have been powered up beforehand. With three USB-C ports and a USB-A port, the OE1 Powerbox can charge multiple smaller devices or, with the OE1 Power Tray, power larger devices, including monitors.  A tracking device holder helps with facility management.

Rui Barros’ emerged as a talented player with good skills, tenacity, and an unyielding personality. At the time he started playing in his professional career, a lot of other players were excelling in the game. Barros’s height was 5 feet 5 inches, which was a big challenge while competing with other players on the field. Irrespective of the challenges, Barros defied the physical standards required to play soccer. He was able to set an excellent example that height is secondary to one’s skill and determination. Rui Barros is one of the shortest soccer players in the history of football, so further let’s explore more about him. 

Formative Years In Portugal

Barros was born on 14th August 1965 in Povoa de Varzim in Portugal. He also had a dream of becoming a soccer player like many aspiring youngsters. Soccer as a game attracted him from a very young age, he was able to showcase his talent in the streets of his hometown, and this talent of his helped him to transcend the challenges posed by his height. Early on, he used to get criticized for his small stature; many thought that soccer required a player with a tall stature and strong physicality. 

His brilliant skill and technical understanding of the game set him apart from all the boys of office age, and he was able to catch the eyes of scouts and coaches alike who saw the potential in him to achieve great feats in soccer despite his small stature.

Climbing Up The Ranks: FC Porto

He got his first breakthrough when he joined the Youth Academy of FC Porto. It is one of Portugal’s most successful Soccer clubs. This was a crucial turning point in his soccer career as it brought him an environment where height and physicality were given utter importance. Along his path of success, criticism also followed, as many had underestimated his skill and talent because of his small height.

However, while playing for FC Porto, his performances on the pitch put a hold on all the doubts and criticism that were being thrown at him. With his performance on the football pitch, he was able to silence all those who criticized players with short lengths. He played an integral role in the success of the team and helped his team achieve domestic and international titles. He scored 43 goals in 191 games while playing for Porto, this statistics alone is enough to prove the kind of player he was.

Attach a faux Game Boy magnetic wallet to your iPhone - Yanko Design

By 11/25/2023

A lot of “vintage” gadgets and devices are back but not everything is in their original iteration. Not all of these are still working per se since there’s a reason why they became outdated but that doesn’t mean they can’t come back in one form or another. A lot of these older gadgets are now being retrofitted as design concepts. So if you see someone walking around with a Game Boy attached to their phone, that’s not really an actual Game Boy.

Designer: elago

The latest addition to elago’s Nintendo themed Apple accessories is the Game Boy MagSafe wallet, which is exactly what its name says. It’s a magnetic wallet that you can snap on to the back of your MagSafe iPhone (from the 12, 13, 14, and 15 series) where you can store up to two cards. It has RFID blocking material so yur cards will not be affected by electromagnetic waves.

What makes this silicone magnetic wallet unique is that its design is inspired by Nintendo’s Game Boy which will bring on the nostalgic feels for anyone who has played this classic gaming console at one time or another. From the display to the red buttons to the D-pad to the start and select buttons, it has captured the exact design and vibes of the typical Game Boy that we used to know and love.

Here's what we looked at this week:

An interesting design detail on this EDC tweezer multi-tool.

Clothes Hingers: Simone Giertz's brilliant design for folding clothes hangers, allowing you to hang clothes in half the depth.

This trippy, undulating DIY kinetic PC case is a one-off by Ideal Idea Creations.

In Saudi Arabia, plans for this wild-looking beachside skyscraper complex called Epicon.

This case study of a hi-tech medical cart comes from Tactile, a Seattle-based product and UX design firm that also has their own in-house engineering.

To reduce unnecessary breast biopsies, Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. developed Opto-Acoustic Imaging, a diagnostic technology that distinguishes malignant and benign tissue more accurately than others. Their system combines laser and ultrasound imaging in real-time, to produce high-resolution, high-contrast images of new blood vessels surrounding a malignant tumor. This groundbreaking technology is contained within a complex medical cart, offering several functional benefits for clinicians, service technicians, and patients alike.

Design and Engineering

Seno Medical enlisted Tactile to help with the industrial design and mechanical engineering of their next-generation medical device, Imagio®, which uses their Opto-Acoustic imaging to diagnose breast cancer and in many cases, without a biopsy.

Home to the New York Islanders, UBS Arena is happily celebrating its second anniversary, and with the celebration comes the announcement of a new, formal sustainability agenda. This sustainability agenda will look to advance the venue’s commitment to environmental impact and its surrounding community.

The agenda, aptly named “Sustainable Brillance & Community Resilience,” was established with the aim of offering an innovative and forward-looking framework for UBS Arena’s sustainability initiatives. The core of the message of the agenda encapsulates the area’s vision: “Rooted in community and environmental impact, our beautiful home in an inspiring example of how values become actions.”

"Our organization's commitments are deeply rooted in making a difference," said Kim Stone, President of UBS Arena. "This bold sustainability framework gives us an even greater opportunity to make further strides in those promises. It's important that we don't just talk about these values, but how we are committed to actions."

"After setting and achieving many sustainability goals in just two years of operations, UBS Arena's future focus will not only deepen operational efforts but will also drive positive impact outside of the walls of their Arena," said Kristen Fulmer, Head of Sustainability for Oak View Group. "Together, we crafted goals that were focused on the needs of today while addressing the need for adaptation in the changing climate."

UBS Arena’s sustainability agenda stands on three core pillars, which are the keys to reaching the venue’s set goals.

Industrial Designer Creates Off-Road Ambulance Trailer for Ukrainian Medics - Core77

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Original author: Rain Noe

COLUMBIA, Md.--RouteSmart Technologies announced that RouteSmart Online is now available for waste collection route planning. The solution has been designed to allow for faster, more efficient optimization of residential and commercial waste collection routes. RouteSmart Online, which is comprised of technology that has been tested and proven for decades by industry leaders, solves some of the most complex route planning challenges and provides reliable results and real value.

RouteSmart Online, the intuitive web application, is designed to be integrated with waste management firms’ existing client-side systems. It can balance daily workloads by time or volume and account for historical traffic patterns to give waste management organizations the most efficient route plans based on the time of day or day of the week.

“This action signifies a major milestone in our commitment to providing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of waste management organizations,” Vice President Chris Walz said. “By offering comprehensive residential and commercial service route planning, we are equipping organizations with a powerful tool to solve ‘collections chaos’ and achieve greater operational efficiency across the board."

Whether managing curbside residential pickups or servicing commercial clients with unique scheduling needs, RouteSmart Online offers tailored solutions that adapt to the nuances of different service types. This flexibility ensures optimal route planning for various scenarios.

By integrating residential and commercial service planning into a single, comprehensive platform, RouteSmart Online empowers organizations to enhance overall operational efficiency. This streamlined approach enables organizations to manage their entire service portfolio seamlessly.

Baltimore City, long impacted by heavily littered streets and waterways, polluted air, and contaminated soils, is bit by bit cleaning up and rejuvenating its community.  Baltimore has banned single-use plastic checkout bags and polystyrene foam food containers. It’s set up a food scrap drop-off program, and it’s rolled out curbside recycling throughout the city, improving on a service that was woefully lagging through the years. Now the city plans to commission a solar-powered composting facility that will divert 12,000 tons of organics a year, with $4 million in federal funding.

Still, there’s plenty more work to do, and several grassroots groups have stepped up to tackle some of it.  Each has its own focus. A small but growing compost operation goes door to door collecting food scraps on e-bikes, founded by a homegrown West Baltimorean. A neighboring start up is forming cooperatives to transition underserved communities to a zero-waste management structure while creating jobs. And an innovative reuse program has sprung from the ground, run by a veteran environmentalist with help from Johns Hopkins University students.

These and other climate activists each have their own, separate projects, but they all align on one focal point, which drives their work: fighting Baltimore’s waste combustion facility.

Dante Swinton launched nonprofit Our Zero Waste Future after spending eight years pushing to shutter the mass burn facility, owned by WIN Waste (formerly Wheelabrator). He still plays a role in trying to bring the job to the finish line. WIN’s contract runs through 2031, though the city can end it sooner if it chooses.

But the birth of Our Zero Waste Future marks an expanded focus for Swinton: educating communities on the benefits of a zero-waste economy and developing local cooperatives to capitalize on material recovery.